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The best combination of business and pleasure

The GameRoom team is open to constructive cooperation with initiative and creative teams in Belarus and around the world.
The GameRoom Franchise is an excellent chance to quickly and simply start a business in the entertainment industry.

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4 good reasons for choosing a franchise GameRoom

Development rate

A good start at the start, which you get, thanks to the promoted brand and marketing support, will lead to a quick payback of your business. According to our calculations, a properly organized quest room enters the payback stage within 4-6 months after launch.

We know how difficult it is to start from scratch, so we are ready to offer you our assistance at all stages of cooperation. The main advantage of the franchise is advertising and promotion of your project on the prepared sites, which ensures the flow of customers immediately after the launch of the new quest room.

Technical assistance

According to our franchise, you can get the full package of services:
  • room for the first
    quest (for now only in Minsk);
  • advising and helping to finalize the script;
  • help with the implementation of technical solutions;
  • services of builders and designers (with experience in creating quest rooms;
  • help with hiring employees.

Individual approach

In each case of the purchase of a franchise, we stipulate the conditions and come to the agreements that suit both parties. If your proposal is constructive, we are always ready to listen and discuss it.

Why is it profitable with us ?

Advice and assistance in finalizing the script

Services builders and designers, the implementation of technical solutions

Quality control of the quest at the stages of development and launch

Placement on our site and promotion

Real customer

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